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In 1885, a five-storey floor malting plant was built on Wycker Grachtstraat, the largest in South Limburg. This malt house was based on the traditional process of floor malting. Every floor had its own function. Barley was steeped, germinated, dried and roasted on a kiln, after it was called malt.

The last batch of malt was made In 1927. After that, it was cheaper to buy malt from special malting firms. In 1996, the malt house was classified as an industrial monument, a unique building.

A visit to the malt house will show you how hard the work was. The high, narrow stairs, the old carts, crates and barrels bring back the atmosphere of the past. You can also visit a complete cooperage, with original tools, at the malt house. On the ground floor is well, which is 15 meters deep.