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Bosch Brewery is the last remaining, fully equipped city brewery in Maastricht. As an industrial heritage site, the brewery’s complex is particularly unique to the Netherlands. For instance, it remains fully intact – with a floor malting plant, a brewery and a brewer's house!

Beer was brewed at this site since 1758. In 1827 the brewery came into ownership of Nicolaas Bosch. He and his descendants transformed the brewery into one of the largest breweries in Maastricht.
When the brewery closed its gates in 1970, the future of the complex was in doubt. In the 1980s, attempts were made to convert the complex into a brewery museum. Unfortunately, this plan failed.
In the meantime, owner Paul Bosch – the last descendant of the Bosch family – carried out the necessary daily maintenance to preserve the buildings, facilities, and brewing attributes for the future. Thanks to Paul’s efforts and perseverance, this unique cultural-historical brewery complex remains preserved.

When visiting today, it is as if time has stood still !
The five-storey floor malt house, brewery facilities, and brewer's house give visitors a unique insight into ​​how local beer used to be brewed a century ago and how the Maastricht upper-class resided here.

Every Saturday for individual visitors.
Groups may book a tour all year round.

We offer various tours !
- Individual tour: approx. 2.5 hours
- Groups tour: approx. 2 hours
- Elaborate tour: 3 hours
- Also: 6 themed tours. See the website.