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The brewery complex consists of three main parts.

The malt house.
In 1885, a five-storey floor malting plant was built on Wycker Grachtstraat, the largest of its kind in South Limburg. This malt house was based on the traditional process of floor malting. Every floor had its own function. The barley was steeped, germinated, dried and roasted on a kiln, after it was called malt.
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The brewery.
Located behind the brewery's large entrance gate on Wycker Grachtstraat is an underpass, with the former offices to the left. Behind them is the lemonade factory 'Malifa' ('Maastricht Limonade Fabriek'). Adjacent to the large courtyard are several areas where parts of the brewing process took place. These include: the water and boiling kettle; the cast-iron mash tun; the cooling coils; the ammonia compressor; fermentation vessels; and the bottling plant.
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The brewer's residence.
In 1870, the brewer's house on Rechtstraat was renovated and expanded. The ground floor contains the hall with an imposing staircase, the salon, the boardroom, and the kitchen. On a small courtyard are the aviary and privy. Located on the 1st floor are the living room and a bedroom, all in original condition.
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