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This is a unique combination of a revolving and travelling grab crane on an elevated track.
Track and crane were manufactured in 1928 by Dutch crane builder Thole, Enschede, ordered by Van Bussel company in Helmond and commissioned in 1929 for loading and unloading vessels or lorries from and to the storage places besides the crane track.
Crane and track were sold in 1936 to the Slits company, and they operated the crane ever since. After 1988 business slowed down but the crane was still operational until the beginning of the 21st century.
In July 2009 Dries Slits made an effort to scrap the crane. As soon as the local Industrial Heritage group heard about the plans they came into action and we, the Dutch Crane Heritage foundation, were also involved, which in the end forced the mayor to come into action as well and he decided that the town should buy the crane and track in order to preserve it for the future.
In February 25, 2014, the crane was put on the new painted track, shining and looking great!
Not only the crane but also the old cocoa factory at the right side of the track was completely renovated as a centre for film, entertainment and education including a restaurant and open terrace and so a very nice site and a perfect place for people to meet, was created.