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From 1990 to 1992, a museum building of 1000 m2 was built and fitted out to house part of the collection, consisting of:
- 12 steam locomotives, 2 of which are in service,
- 6 diesel locomotives, 3 of which are in service,
- 6 railcars, 1 of which is in service;
- 26 passenger carriages from different networks, 10 of which are in service,
- 3 vans,
- 42 goods wagons, as well as vehicles reserved for work.

Entirely managed by volunteers, the association has about 200 members, very few of whom are railway professionals, but they are all enthusiasts.  Membership is possible from the age of 16 (with parental permission).
Our association brings together many different trades: mechanics, welding, painting, carpentry, reception, communication, etc...
Our know-how allows us to partially maintain all the rolling stock, within the limits of the official validations on the boilers.

Over time, the galloping urbanisation and the lack of interest of the politicians of the Val d'Oise, has prevented the development of the railway over the 7 kilometres envisaged.