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The activities of « the Solvent » regularly benefit from financial support from the city of Verviers, the Walloon Heritage Agency, the National Lottery, and the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, granted to the "Comité Scientifique d’Histoire Verviétoise" (Scientific Committee for the History of Verviers), and from the promotion provided by Tourist Information of Pays de Vesdre.

The « Scientific Committee for the History of Verviers » (contact : freddyjoris55@gmail.com) coordinates the management of the collections of « the Solvent » site with the groups of volunteers and the contacts with the partners and the public owners of the site, which are the city of Verviers and the Walloon Heritage Agency since late 2017.

Since 2020, the Committee granted the "William Cockerill Prize" each year in recognition of a sponsorship action in favour of local industrial heritage.

To visit « the Solvent » site, ideally on Fridays when the volunteers are present, it’s highly recommanded to contact Jacques Thonnard for the textile and steam machines (thonnardjacques52@gmail.com) or Patrick Hoffsummer for the old tramways (phoffsummer@uliege.be). All volunteers are of course welcome to participate in the restoration and enhancement of the collections!