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Located behind the wool storage building and linked to it by a footbridge, the wool degreasing factory includes four «Piedboeuf» steam boilers manufactured in Jupille (Belgium). « Piedboeuf » also made the four cylindrical autoclave tanks, each of which can hold 1,200 to 1,500 kg of wool to be skimmed of.

The entire wool degreasing plant has survived to the present day. Absolutely everything comes from the United States. The valves in the vat circuits are made by «Chapman», the pumps in the distillery are made by «Buffalo».

Five steam engines ensured the operation of the factory, each with a specific function: a «Deane» vertical pump, two «Knowless» compressors, two «Sturtevant» fans and a «Roots» fan. A small hydraulic motor completed the installation. All the pressure gauges in the factory were made by «Crosby», manufactured in Boston.

Since the purchase of the old degreasing factory by the Walloon Region, a group of volunteers has undertaken the gradual restoration of the machines and almost all of them can now work again (the last one in 2022) thanks to discrete electric motors whose power is regulated by a computer programme.

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