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The construction of the Ghent urban power plant at ‘Ham’ was started in 1924. Two years later two turbo alternators of 10MW and one of 15MW, all three on coal fired boilers, supplied the first electricity. The initial capacity of 35 MW is stepped up to 122 MW in the 1950s. From 1958, district heating is also provided from here.
The large turbine hall with art deco influence was preserved, including all turbines and accessories, a riveted roller bridge, the control and signaling equipment, the clock, and the Siemens-Halske control panels for the former (now demolished) boilers.
The turbine hall was protected as historic monument by a decision of the Flemish Government  18 November 1999.
In this protection the 4 still existing turbo-alternators were included, each with steam turbine 'Van den Kerchove' (Ghent) and alternator ACEC (Charleroi)

 •    turbo-alternator no.1, 12500 KVA: stator 12600 V, 573 A; rotor 220V, 158 A; 3000 to 50 Hz
 •    turbo alternator 2, 13000 KVA: stator 13000 V, 596 A; rotor 220V, 158 A; 3000 to 50 Hz
 •    turbo alternator 3, 21500 KVA: stator 12600 V, 980 A; rotor 220V, 250 A; 3000 to 50 Hz
 •    turbo alternator no.4: stator 21500 V, 573 A; rotor 230V, 215 A; 3000 to 50 Hz