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De Centrale stimulates artistic connections between musicians who are rooted in our regions and musicians with roots in origin countries worldwide. We do that by inviting them, challenging them as well to create new musical worlds that contain the artistic translation of the progressing cultural diversity in Ghent, Istanbul, Rabat, Ljubljana, Budapest, Wroclaw, Glasgow, Bologna, Sevillen Bogota, Brazzaville,  Mannheim, Matsu-Hana…


De Centrale organizes 100 concerts a year. The programming is consistently done against the background of the cultural diversity in Ghent, Flanders and Brussels. We strive for a healthy mix of concerts with a local and supra-local appearance. Thereby, we attach great importance to cooperation with the collective activities of our audiences.


De Centrale offers a unique package of musical education.  Here too, the surrounding population diversity is used as a reference for the composition of the program. Ud, darbuka, saz and violin are part of the permanent curriculum. Workshops and master classes under the guidance of masters are offered periodically. Yet again, De Centrale works with Ghent partner organizations in the field of music education.


ENTR is a culinary spot where aromas and flavors crosses.  ENTR is a large table for sharing food with friends, a welcoming bar to meet up, a terrace to relax, an artistic environment for new impressions where culinary and musical flavors match. In the menus we pay attention to diversity in society.