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These are:

  • History and tradition :  The Museum offers a wonderful trip to the past, following and recording step by step the evolution of the production, processing, and cultivation of tomatoes. Visitors can explore a different era of industrial history, and can come into contact with traditional methods used by tomato workers and farmers in Santorini. They can learn about gastronomy and agriculture in the region through special programmes, and learn more about the history of the island, the inhabitants, their living conditions, their work and their customs and traditions.
  • Culture : The Santorini Arts Factory is an inseparable and vital part of the Tomato Industrial Museum, it’s a non-profit organization that aims to promote Greek cultural heritage to an international audience.   Productions of music, theatre, dance, sculpture, video art, and visual art installations, compose a unique cultural landscape, inspired by the modern world, and the major art movements.
  • Education :  Our efforts to constantly enrich and update the events that we organize, has lead to the creation of workshop seminars for children and adults. This way our “students “ have the opportunity to come into contact with their creative side, in an experiential way designed to cater to their needs. Through these meetings children can develop their creativity and imagination, to enrich their vocabulary and ability to narrate, to strengthen their memory, concentration and confidence, and to become interest in tradition and culture.
  • Video: © Santorini Arts Factory - 2021 SABAM